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Brand Partnerships & Event Sponsorships

Elevate Your Brand with Imperfect CEO Women Club

Are you looking to connect with a vibrant community of entrepreneurial women? Join us as a brand partner and take advantage of our exclusive collaboration opportunities. Imperfect CEO Women Entrepreneurs Club is dedicated to empowering women in business, and we invite brands and companies with a focus on female audiences to collaborate with us


Benefits for Our Members 

Exclusive Access: 
Members gain access to exclusive products, services, and offers

from our brand partners. 

Special Discounts: 
Significant discounts and special promotions on high-quality

products and services. 

Unique Experiences: 
Exclusive events, workshops, and masterclasses

organized in collaboration with our brand partners. 

Empowerment and Growth: 
Benefit from partnerships that provide valuable resources,

knowledge, and support tailored to women's professional

and personal development.

Brands we would love to engage with:

We are looking for brands that align with our mission and values, offering products and services that resonate with our community. Preferred brands include:

  • Health and Wellness: 
    Products and services promoting physical and mental well-being.


  • Fashion and Beauty: 
    Brands that empower women through style and self-care.


  • Business and Professional Services: 
    Companies providing tools and resources for professional growth and development.


  • Tech and Innovation: 
    Innovative solutions that support women's success in tech and entrepreneurship.


  • Lifestyle and Luxury: 
    High-quality products and experiences that enhance the quality of life.


Brands Not Considered

To maintain the integrity and focus of our community, we will not consider partnerships with brands that:

  • Exploitative Practices: 
    Brands involved in unethical labour practices or exploitation.


  • Incompatible Values: 
    Companies whose values do not align with empowerment, inclusivity, and respect for women.


  • Harmful Products: 
    Products that negatively impact health, well-being, or the environment.

Introducing: The Empowerment Collaboration Package

We offer tailored sponsorship packages designed to amplify your brand's reach and engagement within our community. Choose from our specially curated packages that align with your goals and our mission:






£2500 +

Why Partner with Us?

Targeted Audience: 
Reach a highly engaged community of entrepreneurial women, including founders, senior executives, and industry leaders.

Meaningful Engagement: 
Our events offer intimate settings that foster genuine connections and meaningful interactions. 

Purpose-Driven Collaboration: 
Align your brand with a community that values empowerment, growth, and support for women in business.

Brand Visibility: 
Benefit from strategic exposure through our events, social media channels, and newsletters.

Join Us!

Become a part of the Imperfect CEO Club's mission to support and empower women in business.

To discuss partnership opportunities, sponsorship packages, and custom collaborations, please contact us at

Together, we can create impactful experiences and elevate the presence of women in business.

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